Classes for Kids 

September 2019 Semester

Beginning Violin

Learn to play the violin in a group setting. Posture, proper left hand position and bow hold. Learn to read treble clef. Study basic theory including  note and rest values. Play scales and simple songs in unison.

Beginning Cello 

Learn to play the cello in a group setting. Posture,  proper left hand position and bow hold. Learn to read bass clef. Study basic theory including note and rest values. Play scales and simple songs in unison.

Intermediate Cello   

Learn how to execute extensions and play in 2nd and 4th positions. Continue basic theory and rhythm studies, scales and exercises. Play songs in multiple voices.

Elementary Piano for String Players   

Every music student should have a basic understanding of the piano keyboard.  Music theory is more easily understood on the piano. Learn to read treble and bass clefs and play simple songs. Study the circle of 5ths and scales on the keyboard.

January 2020 Semester

Beginning Violin, Beginning Cello and Intermediate Cello classes continued.

Music Theory /Ear Training

Elementary theory including note and rest values, time signatures,  key signatures, major and minor scales, intervals, and chords. Introduction to chord progressions and cadences. Learn to identify intervals and chords by ear. Perform rhythms. Sight-sing simple songs.

Classes for Adults

Summer 2019-ongoing

Beginning Cello 

Intermediate Cello

 Cello Collective

Experience the Power and Joy of playing in an All-Cello Ensemble! Play music arranged for

2-8 cellos from classical to show tunes!

Ability to read bass clef and play in 1st and 2nd positions required.

     Classes 35.00/week
Pre-registration required
All Classes Held at the Sebastopol          Community Cultural Center
            425 Morris St.
         Sebastopol, Ca. 95472
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